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Chris Zaharias


Care to share any update on the conversion value of MySpace search and/or contextual traffic? I'm hoping MySpace search traffic converts well, but initial signs are that that's not the case.



Wow, this was a great post jay.. Great observations and incredibly well written.

Chris Zaharias

MySpace's contextual traffic converts no worse than the rest of Google's content syndication network, and while at first I would have assumed otherwise, I'm not yet sure that their search traffic won't convert as well as Yahoo/MSN/Ask/AOL search traffic.


so it's not so much about securing adsense inventory, but securing search traffic from myspace users ...


you hinted at this but i think it can be stated more directly; you rightly point out that the quality of myspace inventory is poor, so why would google throw money at it? likely to defend the huge amount of search queries generated via myspace users ...

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