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Good Tip

For QS publisher

Don't go with QuinStreet whatever you do.

Here are the reasons:
they have a very high scrub rate
they have no transparency in returns they give you a number and will not even tell you why the leads were returned
they have cut campaigns off and threatened to not pay for leads without warning (you can usually get your rep to open a new account and start over)
their payouts absolutely suck

Btw Jay the 2 companies that quinstreet acquired are Reliable Remodeler and Surehits. I was looking up quinstreet on linkedin and wouldnt you know it, it said qs people are most likely to be linked to Reliable Remodeler and Surehits. Look it up yourself.

Stay far away from Quinstreet!!!


I am debating starting a lead gen program with Quinn Street. Any suggestions, thoughts or opinions? Is this a smart thing to do? Would you recommend working with them?

looking  looking

Want to leave Quinstreetand their draconian tactics - who does everyone recommend?


Qunistreet is impossible to deal with. Sometimes they have server problems (software, hardware, chain?? who knows) and conversions drop. Keep an eye on your #'s because something is off right now but we need to band together to get some action.
There is a new google group (Publishers' Think Tank) trying to put some talk together about these things along with finding out who pays the best etc.

Draconian tactics

I think you mean that their Draconian tactics refer to them sucking the life blood out of any host they come in contact with. The only way to stop their blood lust is to drive a stake through their heart! Maybe when the go public they will be easier to find.


There is mention of Quinstreet's draconian tactics in some of these posts. Can you provide some clarification on what you are referring to? Thanks.

JW: The Draconian tactics refer to Quinstreet's historical low payouts and litigious nature in working with affiliates. While not necessarily true today, in the past, QS earned a reputation for locking less sophisticated Webmasters into long-term contracts at rates that were below market. They have a track record for uncovering undervalued properties - sites with good traffic that were working perhaps just as affiliates at CJ.com. Over time, other companies that also worked with similar advertisers would stumble upon the same sites (now in a contract with QS) and offer them more money. If the now QS affiliate tried to take that deal QS would sue them. The affiliate would be left with a bad taste because they would realize how underpaid they are but stuck without options as they would be in a year long contract with QS not for a school but for the sector.

With a more competitive and transparent marketplace, their contract lengths have lessened, more out of awareness by affiliates and payouts have increased, again due to better information flow and people knowing what they should be getting. If anything, those at QS aren't evil so much as they are ruthlessly efficient, a sign of their operational expertise and lack utter emotionless style conducting of business.

Ultimately, as an affiliate, you need to go in armed with information if you want to work with them. They will not be generous - whether in payouts or in an acquisition - by default.


Any new information re Quinstreet? I would have thought they would have filed for an IPO by now.


I am curious, what makes you think that QuinStreet will file for IPO? Obviously they are not public yet since it is June 2006......


I still believe Deep Star a good acquisition by Quinstreet, but as was pointed out by SP above, the page ranks are not what they once were.


not sure how you think onlinedegrees.com ; nursingdegrees.com and nursing-schools.com have high page ranks. All 3 have 0 PageRank values, where are you getting your "page rank" from?


What leads you to believe QS will file for an IPO? I do believe they will have a CFO on board within 2 weeks though.


QS has not hired a CFO and has been looking forever...I doubt Jan06 is going to see an IPO for them.

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