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Jacob F.

Hello Jay,
I have just come across your blog today and I'm impressed with the depth of your posts. I'd like to comment on your Google ban situation (and the one your friend is in):
There is a solution to that kind of problem, which is creating a corporation, taking out a credit card (even a prepaid one) in its name and registering for a Google account as that corporation. This is a common practice among grey/black hat marketers. Good guys finish last, and if your Adwords operation is drawing sufficient money, then there is no reason to delay reopening an account (with possible hidden-whois websites on dedicated IPs in the background). Although I am also perpetually shocked by Google's customer relations, there is no reason to consider Google's actions as those of a backstabbing friend. Google is a competitor - it openly competes with its advertisers, and should be dealt with in a similar underhanded (but still legal) way.


Jay, thanks for speaking up about this issue. Talk about doghouse -- your article reminds me of another list managed by a pretty powerful entity, namely the federal No Fly List. Apparently, you are not informed if you're on the list, you have no definitive way to get off the list, and there are numerous cases of false positives (innocent people who are incorrectly penalized). At least with the federal government, there is due process available through the courts, theoretically. In the case of Google, what are you going to do as an advertiser, use Yahoo? Microsoft?


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