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Todd Bairstow

My mantra has always been to add to the quality of the lead as much as you can before it's turned over to the lead buyer. In return, I have always struggled with the "low quality/high volume" model, and feel that a lot of lead providers miss out on major opportunities. To use the auto insurance example, there are a myriad of ways that you can improve the quality of a lead, either by establishing phone contact with the prospect, doing a stronger job of branding a lead, attaching added prospect data from a database, etc.

At Leadscon, I heard one online education lead buyer say that none of her lead providers had ever approached her to see how well their leads were closing/converting. I was stunned by this. We make a much stronger case to our clients by showing them how closely our leads track to their eventual revenue. And if you can draw that direct line from your leads to their revenue at a reasonable cost, you've got a client for life.

John DeMayo

Quality - volume chart makes sense if you first start buying search, branded terms first, and have an established brand. Many companies start their first purchase making a small co-reg purchase, and get the lowest possible quality with low volume to start. Your chart looks like as initially successful companies effort, but many companies efforts fail from the start.

Once again, thank you for the input. Always valued.

Rick Falls

Great stuff Jay, and you're right it's
a big mess out there right now.

Like you said it's going to be tough
to weed through it all enough to make
sense but when someone does (and they will)
more fortunes will be made.

It's all about solving problems when and
where they arise isn't it my friend?

We recommend asking your existing customers
"How can we serve you better?" and with that
feedback comes immense power to know which
direction to take to virtually guarantee higher
customer satisfaction and profit margins.

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