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Jason Arias

Isn't selling drugs illegal anyways lol why would you recommend me to do illicit things. Promoting Flogs is not illegal you just have to have a freaking disclaimer in the bottom saying this is all bull lol. The affiliates from Utah who were subpoenaed to court was because they were using Oprah's image in the creatives and landing pages and she was pissed so her lawyers took action. That is why now its all about Rachael Ray or should I say Rachel Ray. Im only in the biz opp market right now don't have enough cash flow for other markets getting my Amex CC soon then I will be able to scale campaigns and get into bigger markets and my American Express Centurion Black Card will be inevitable.


Jason Arias

Yea I would but being a drug dealer or a "king pin" would require you to take bigger risks meaning risking your life or the life of your family members. I would rather make money on my pajamas anyways. I would most likely end up dead before I even make my ranks up as a big drug dealer pushing 98% pure kilos of cocaine. And being a drug dealer I wouldn't need a Black Card >< and I want one so I have to charge thousands on it for large scale media buys and paid search instead :). Isn't the internet lifestyle better than making big money in the real world? I would rather make 10k a month online than 20k a month in a "real" business since I can be anywhere in the world and have freedom.

So talk so much about flogs the anatomy, what, where, when, why hell you probably know more about them then me lmao. I wouldn't be surprised if you run them yourself.


Jason, you could join a gang or become a drug dealer. I hear you could earn tons of $$$ doing that.

Jason Arias

Hello Jay,

My name is Jason Arias and I am stopping to say thanks.

Not that long ago I joined CPA networks in hopes of making 10k per day and have a Black AMEX card while I don't have that YET! I am on my way of obtaining one. After hearing affiliates making 50k-100k a day 10k a day don't seem like much right?

I am 19 years old so I am really ambitious and I don't want to stay in the rat race and I only been in it for a few months. I am currently 19 years old and I currently work with my dad in a roofing company and I make $12 an hour but forget the pay I should not be working at all! Luckly for me I found a way out an currently I am making $200 a day net online. I will be able to quit my job soon and no longer go to luxury apts to fix a damn leak but to live in one. I know that what I have to do now to get to huge profits is to go the "cheating route" and do WHATEVER I HAVE TO DO TO BECOME A MULTI MILLIONAIRE ONLINE. The top 20 offers from CPA networks are the trial offers which I will get into soon and that will MURDER MY JOB.

Is it wrong for me to get into it? Please tell me. Getting $12 an hour working in the summer on a roof sweating, carrying shit up 40' ladders? When I can make thousands doing what they are doing? You have to live in my shoes to understand that. My reason WHY has propelled me to $200 day and yes I can quit my job yet but I need to make 10k net monthly before I do. You don't have to approve this comment just reply please.

Jason Arias

Jason G.

"...but they didn't do so knowingly or willingly"

Do you seriously believe that statement? LOL.

I guess we are still stuck in that paradigm of putting a "halo" on players in the finance community. Gimme a break.

"...manipulating the market to take advantage of an opportunity"

Manupulating what? People's desire to make a quick buck or improve their looks overnight?

People have been seeking "quick fixes" since the beginning of time. How is this different from the "legimate" Hydroxycut ads plastering television and printed media?

Listen, I don't agree with re-bill fraud, but what ever happened to personal accountability?


Ripping people off through fraud is criminal. Facilitating ripping people off is criminal too. The advertisers are a moving target. Google is not. This scenario seems to offer a perfect opportunity for an ambitious state prosecutor that wants to make a name for himself.

I think all this means some going-bankrupt state is going to go after Google in a civil action for this kind of stuff. Since Google is taking part in defrauding people, someone will smell big time money to be had from a suit on "behalf of their citizens."

Google was able to police YouTube once copyright holders came down on them. They will clean up this stuff a bit when the get their feet held to the fire - i.e. it begins to cost them (fines and reputation) more than the money it earns them.

The criminals actually ripping people off will slink off to find their next scam. And you will likely document its emergence and evolution on this blog.


Thanks for bringing some awareness to this issue. We need to make sure that good prevails and evil fails.


Great post. I'm thinking about Fred Wilson's prediction in late 2008 that mentioned that display advertising would have most of the efficiencies of search marketing by end of 2009. That's because of many of the reasons you list above including the fact that ad exchanges make it easy for more inventory to move around efficiently.

however, in reality, I haven't seen that play out (personally). If you're a search marketer acquiring traffic across a swath of keywords - not just expensive ringtone keywords, say, but a large variety of keywords - its difficult to acquire any traffic for ~10 or 15c a visit. that's about the rock bottom that I could easily pay on Google but would have no chance of getting to with display because of the floor CPMs of couple of bucks. Why do you think that is? Is it simply impossible to wring the same efficiencies out of display arbitrage unless you're "cheating"?

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