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A great one, we use to call it "poor media" as oppose to rich / premium.

in the last 8 years we have been doing tones of monetization of "crap / poor" media.

I just think that the volumes aren't represented correctly in your post, i'd given this a much larger share of the pie.



Brilliant post and graphic!


@David Rodnitzky - yes sir! (But I agree, and that was the challenge when trying to make the point fairly simple. I left out targeting and was thinking mainly of Google Search.)


Ron - thank you. :)

Howard - good points and appreciate the feedback.

Pujji - I was conflicted about Facebook. Definitely low intent, but the quality can be surprising. In my opinion it's the new QVC. While it has no shortage of unmonetizable users, it has a surprising number of transacters.

Hunter - I certainly don't want to imply someone's hard work is crap. I used the term because it's catchy and it focuses on monetization only. A lot of crap has value. It just might be harder to make money on it. That's when people find ways to turn it into subscriptions, especially when the intent is higher.

David Rodnitzky

Love the chart though I think it is tough to generally classify Google as having more quality content than Yahoo.

For example, Google Search has high quality and high intent, but Google Content has average quality and low intent. Yahoo BT, on the other hand, has high quality and medium-high intent, but Yahoo content has low quality and low/no intent.

So redo this and make it more granular right away!


Wow! I have a much better understanding of my crapsite after reading this article.
"Low Quality - Brand unsafe, low transactional quotient and/or ability"
I own a poetry website.
Reading poems is mostly a activity for bored souls - low transactional quotient.
There are a significant minority looking for poems for occasions such as funerals and weddings or to share poems about love and friendship. However, demographics are mostly lower class and teens - low transactional ability
I'm afraid Poetry/Quotes Sites are either between Jokes Sites and Quiz Sites or Quiz Sites and Movie Sites on the Intent Axis and right at the crap level on the Quality Axis


Great post Jay! Great conceptualization of the web from a user/advertiser perspective. The only area I would change is to move facebook down to more Youtubeish. There is super low intent on facebook (i.e. its crap.)


Love the graphic. It is definitely a slippery slope when advertising on "crap". We've all seen instances where certain low-intent media sources have resorted to incentivized or misleading offers in an effort to make the low-value ad inventory work.

I'd also add "Social Gaming" websites to your below-the-line list. I know there are some lead-gen networks out there which tout the potential of this medium. Certainly, gaming has a lot of time spent by users. But the use of incentivized virtual currency can and has led to issues.

Ron Sheridan


An info graphic about CRAP

Jay you're genius.

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