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David Melamed

As a fellow "Idea Guy" I feel your pain. My dream when I am really rich is to hire a few MBA's right out of school, spit out ideas to them, and have them launch them for me.

Is the goal here to get the idea executed (i.e. you want the product to exist) or is it to start another business on the idea, but need a project manager/ business leader to get the idea executed for you.

Are you familiar with Quirky.com ? A possible solution would be a "launch team" with a community built around it that can get it done.

Alternatively, it could be like kickstarter but looking for contributions instead of money.


Would love to hear any responses you get to this, Jay. Best I've seen are matchmaking sites for founders.

Ryan Eagle

ideas make the business!! Thanks


Mail me your best idea so I can start that company!

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